History of the Truffle

The truffle is a fungus that grows underground side by side with the roots of some particular plants, among which oak's and poplar's, and it's extremely rare.

Almost a myth, the history of the truffle has ancient origins. Since the 18th century, the Tuber magnatum Pico known as Alba White Truffle has been recognized as the most refined among all truffles. Appreciated by all European courts, its hunting became entertaining for guests and during ambassadors' visits.

Today there are more than 256 truffle different species, each one with its characteristics. Truffle buffs love this product with delicate flavour dishes, among which poached or fried egg, tajarin and Piedmontese Fassona raw meat.

Our truffles grow just in the areas of Piedmont that made them so well-known, we select them one by one to give your dishes the elegance that only Alba White Truffle can guarantee.